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Diversity Program Management & Compliance

In today’s world, understanding the importance of a diverse vendor base is critical for businesses and government entities. As experts in the corporate diversity sector, Ballard Associates provides the knowledge and experience necessary to assist clients in bridging the gap between themselves and under-utilized entities. Whether your needs are local or federal, we’re prepared to assist your organization with:

  • Compliance monitoring
  • Building program awareness
  • Driving vendor participation

Airport Concessions

We proudly maintain a business network with decision-makers at major national airport concessions companies. By giving clients access to this network, as well as our own expertise, we enable them to compete in the multibillion-dollar airport concessions industry. Ballard Associates is available to assist in:

  • Creating a certification strategy
  • Developing a plan for market entry
  • Discovering airport concessions opportunities
  • Finding potential business partnership arrangements
  • Attending pre-bid and pre-proposal meetings on your behalf
  • Bonding and insurance resources
  • Access to capital and funding sources

Stakeholder Engagement & Event Planning

Most assuredly, if you are creating a master plan for a municipality or agency, or if you have an important milestone to commemorate, you will want Ballard Associates by your side. With our outstanding skills in engaging all parties that have an interest in the project, interacting with various stakeholders and the public, reaching relevant diverse audiences, identifying qualified contractors to move your project forward, and planning and coordinating memorable events, you can rest assured that you will have the right people in the right places at the right time.

Business Development & Certification

In order to be successful, you must prepare for success. Without the right support system in place that can be a difficult task. Ballard Associates will aid your organization in managing your company’s growth efficiently and effectively. As experts in construction and professional services industries, we offer assistance in:

  • Creating a certification strategy
  • Discovering contracting opportunities
  • Attending pre-bid and pre-proposal meetings on your behalf
  • Bonding and insurance resources
  • Access to capital and funding sources
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Our Difference

Experience - More than 10 years of experience in diversity program management (e.g., the federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program). Conducted outreach functions to educate, build awareness and increase the pool of ready, willing and able vendors.

Effective Collaborator - Lori has successfully collaborated with organizations, state and county agencies, trade organizations, chambers of commerce and other entities to build awareness of bidding opportunities, educate on certifications and resources to assist companies to position themselves for success. Partnered with organizations to perform outreach activities to drive vendor participation and increase diversity program awareness. Contact Lori Today