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Our Difference

Experience - More than ten (10) years of experience in diversity program management (e.g., the federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program). Conducted outreach functions to educate, build awareness and increase the pool of ready, willing and able vendors.

Effective Collaborator - Lori has successfully collaborated with organizations, state and county agencies, trade organizations, chambers of commerce and other entities to build awareness of bidding opportunities, educate on certifications and resources to assist companies to position themselves for success. Partnered with organizations to perform outreach activities to drive vendor participation and increase diversity program awareness.

Compliance, Certification, & Development Consultants

Specialists in…

  • Diversity Program Management & Compliance
  • Stakeholder Engagement/Outreach
  • Business Development & Certification

Ballard Associates, LLC are advisors uniquely qualified to provide government agencies, municipalities, engineering and other professional services firms with the tools that they need to successfully reach and exceed their goals.

The Big Picture

Most often, business owners and prime contractors are extremely knowledgeable and confident in the services they offer. While they have devoted countless hours to becoming experts in their respective fields, they are usually so focused on their lane that they don’t realize that there are other crucial elements needed in order to move their organization to the level of success that they desire.

Focused on Success

That’s where Ballard Associates comes in. While owners and primes focus on what they do best, Ballard Associates helps them to see and analyze the big picture and then assist them in developing the strategies that give them the extra edge they need to succeed.



Lori is a pleasure to work with because of her kind attitude, attention to detail and overall professionalism. Over the years Lori has been a wealth of information and support. You can see that she truly believes in the value of her program and puts 100% into her work. I would recommend Lori to anyone looking for a trusted business partner.

Chris Meathe

Sales Manager, Computer Consultants of America

Lori is genuine, seeks constructive feedback, maintains appropriate documentation, and represents our company and the project well.

Tom Gilman

Project Manager, Stacy and Witbeck

I met Lori Ballard serving the term of President Elect for the National Association of Women Business Owners Greater Detroit Chapter years ago. Lori is one of the most giving, disciplined persons I know in her field. While being compassionate, inclusive and hardworking Lori demonstrates excellent leadership skills and carries a positive voice for small businesses.

Pamela Davis

CEO, PLM Staffing Systems

Lori Ballard’s mannerisms and positive interactions with others are exemplary. I strongly recommend, to anyone seeking her professional capabilities, to leap at the opportunity to retain her professional services.

Lance Stokes, Ph.D

Metro Ag Services, Inc