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Preparing Contractors for Success at Airports

Ballard Associates, LLC provides management consulting services to companies looking to engage in successful business at airports. Behind a wealth of industry knowledge – as well as business relationships with prominent industry leaders – we pride ourselves on giving clients access to the tools they need in order to thrive in airport concessions, construction and professional services. Woman-owned; part of the Airport Minority Advisory Council; and certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Airport Concession DBE (DBE/ACDBE), we also provide valuable assistance in the area of diversity program management.


“Lori is a pleasure to work with because of her kind attitude, attention to detail and overall professionalism. Over the years Lori has been a wealth of information and support. You can see that she truly believes in the value of her program and puts 100% into her work. I would recommend Lori to anyone looking for a trusted business partner.”

– Chris Meathe, former Sales Manager, Computer Consultants of America

“I met Lori Ballard serving the term of President Elect for the National Association of Women Business Owners Greater Detroit Chapter years ago. Lori is one of the most giving, disciplined persons I know in her field. While being compassionate, inclusive and hardworking Lori demonstrates excellent leadership skills and carries a positive voice for small businesses.”

– Pamela Davis, CEO, PLM Staffing Systems

– Ballard Associates recommended by Shirley Ghannam, President of Arconcepts, Inc.